One Who Loves Color Will Love This!

Stylist and socialite, Veronica Ebie-Odeka is adding a new title to her resume “Product Developer and Cosmetic Entrepreneur.”  She is creating her own line of nail polish that she intends for it to accessorize the everyday outfit by adding a pop of brilliant, bold color, called VANE Nail Lacquer.

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Courtesy of Veronica's Instagram.

Courtesy of Veronica’s Instagram.

Veronica has decided to create this cosmetic to accentuate the color within the styles she assembles for her high-profile clients in Nigeria. She has an extensive history in the Fashion Industry. First, she started modeling for major brands in America and through her experiences learned how to become a stylist. After achieving an impressive profile she decided to take her expertise to her hometown in Nigeria. There she built a niche within the community and has blossomed. Veronica has established herself as a Fashion guru by launching VANE Style, opening VANE style showroom, and building an online following with her fashion informative blog posts on style tips for the everyday woman.

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This nail lacquer will embody all that she loves from the fashion industry. Color, florals, and chic designs. This summer VANE Nail Lacquer will launch their core 8 colors along with 4 seasonal colors.

VANE Nail Laquer is RCW Media Group’s latest high-profile client.  This is an exciting time for us here in the office as we create brand identity, packaging, and marketing materials in preparation for the launch. For Vane Nail Lacquer, we will assist in building of the product and promotion once it is ready to be sold. Check our social media for the latest news and previews of what to expect. We are excited to help Veronica build this new product from the ground up and make it Red Carpet Worthy!

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