Top 3 PR Stories Trending This Week


It’s important for us PR pros to stay on top of what’s going on in the world and what’s trending. Whether it be causing a PR movement, handling a PR crisis, or maintaining an image online, here are my top 3 finds for this week’s must reads.

1. Starbucks’ new dress code allows tattoos in “cool” pr move

Your favorite coffee spot has released an internal email informing employees about their new dress code policy. Employees will now be able to visibly show off their piercings and tattoos. An employee stated, “being able to show off our tattoos allows us to relate to customers more than we already do”. And a great tactic for Starbucks to portray an even more “hip” vibe. Bravo Starbucks!

2.  4 PR lessons from ‘Gone Girl’

I’ll be sure not to spoil any story lines or ending for you. However, what we can talk about are the great PR lessons learned from the movie. Here are 4 PR tips to keep in mind when handling unwanted media buzz:

  • Prepare for the media
  • Tell your own story
  • Call in the experts
  • Come clean

3. 10 tips for LinkedIn publishing 

In a recent study of top 3,000 performing content, it shows how LinkedIn is quite different than other platforms. Here’s some interesting results from the article:

  • MORE IS BETTER! (say what?)
  • Thursdays is the best performing day
  • Your posts should have 8 images
  • An 11 year old should be able to read it
  • Remove questions from your titles

We hope you enjoyed these PR must reads!


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