Saying No to “No Comment”


In a PR crisis, some may say to give the least information as possible. FALSE. This can be actually more detrimental to a situation than helping. If handled properly, the situation and media attention from it can actually be made into an opportunity.

If you’re keeping quiet about a situation, you don’t have the opportunity to explain what really went on. You open doors for rumors and miscommunications and allow the media to control what you are saying. By addressing the situation head on, you give yourself the opportunity to control what’s said. I also find, that by speaking openly about a situation, you have more of a chance for trust to be gained. As seen in an article from, here are some important things to keep in mind when handling a PR crisis.


1. Move quickly to address the situation. 

The sooner you can address a situation the better. This allows for less time for un wanted media attention and the opportunity to tell the story first hand.

2. Tell how your addressing the problem. 

Don’t hold back. The issue is already out there and it is important to provide detailed action.

3. Most importantly, tell how you are taking action to avoid the problem from happening again. 

Don’t make the same mistake twice. Include in your detailed action how you are planning and preparing to make sure this does not happen again.


When, simply saying “no comment”, there is room for people to believe that you are not taking action to handle the situation or even worse that you’re lying. By providing a prompt and sincere response to the situation at hand, gives you an opportunity to control and correct the situation.


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