Tips for Email Pitching


You spend hours crafting that “perfect pitch” email. But did you know there is a 18-19% chance your email will actually be opened? And only 2-3% of those readers will actually perform an action such a clickable link. Us PR pros know that Journalists and Media Contacts receive hundreds if not thousands emails a day. It is important for your email and you to STAND OUT. Here are some are some helpful tips shown in one of RCW’s favorite info-graphic.


  1. Find the right person & address them!
    • Get to know their angel and style
    • Make an hones connection
    • Do your research
    • Don’t brown nose (too much)
  2. Make your email STAND OUT! 
    • Subject line is key
    • Don’t beat around the bush
    • Have heart
    • Don’t repeat yourself
    • Talking to people can be scary
  3. Pitching is a two way street
    • Create a dialogue not a monologue
  4. Journalist prefer to receive pitches by…
    • Email: 89% prefer
    • Phone: 6% prefer
    • Social Media: 5% prefer
  5. The at anomy of a bad pitch 
    • “I wrote a press release”
    • “I think this is a valuable content”
    • Apologies aren’t accepted
    • Misspellings, mistakes, and abbreviations
  6. PR Professionals Say
    • KISS: Keep is Short and Simple
    • PITCH ME


We hope you have a pitch worthy day!



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