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Happy Holidays from my Family to yours!

This year has been a blur both in my professional and personal life. Blur in the most positive way possible, of course. We expanded our office location and staff, added 4 new clients to our roster and hosted 4 hugs events. WOW, what a year! I just want to thank my industry colleges for an amazing year and all the support & partnership you have given us. RCW Media Group could not accomplish what we do for our clients without the relationships and friendships I have with you all, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Holidays from my sweet family to yours.



A New Skincare Line for the Most Sensitive Skin

Breaking out from harsh skincare products is what inspired Sarah Bbeauty to make her own all-natural skincare line. Both she and her children suffer from extremely sensitive skin and most products on the market were hurting more than they were helping. As a make-up artist to the stars she knows a thing or two about the importance of nourished skin. Having no luck with the typical products, she decided to develop her own skincare products, starting with body lotions & lip balm.

bio-240x300Sarah began experimenting in her kitchen with the help of her nanny back in October of 2014. Together, they began developing lotions, creams, and lip balms. Each item they created are all natural made with high grade, cold press based oils and scented with organic essential oils, feeding your skin with natures finest ingredients. She combined avocado oils, coco butter, botanicals, and other oils to ensure that her family’s sensitive skin would be healed rather than hindered. For a while she tested many different formulas. Sarah finally perfected the secret recipe to healthy, moisturized skin.

During work she began using her lotions on clients and giving samples to friends and family. The results amazed her client and they began to demand for these lotions which was beyond what Sarah ever imagined. With people near and far falling in love with her sample products, she has decided to mass produce and officially launch her sinecure line.

With friendly encouragement and stable investors, Restoration Skincare was created. Sarah Bbeauty has sought out the help of RCW Media Group to share the products with others who are plagued with sensitive skin and looking for an all-natural, 100% vegan, no fillers or preservatives, skincare line that is safe for all ages.

RCW Media Group is determined to help Restoration Skincare be the best new skincare line sold today. We will be striving to build brand identity and promote the line with its official launch this Summer ’15. Look for product updates and mark your calendars for the upcoming International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.

RCW Welcomes Union Rescue Mission

A big warm welcome to RCW’s newest client the Union Rescue Mission! 


The Union Rescue Mission (URM) is one of the largest missions of its kind in America — bringing help and hope to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in Downtown Los Angeles. The URM provides comprehensive emergency and long-term services to our guests to help them escape the dangerous streets of Skid Row. Women and children now make up 40% of people experiencing homelessness. That’s why the Union Rescue Mission created the Hope Gardens Family Center. The Hope Gardens Family Center houses and helps over a 100 children, mothers, and single women get off of skid row and transition to a independent living.

With the holidays right around the corner, there is no better time this year to get involved with non-profits and charities. It’s the time of year to give back. RCW Media Group has partnered with the URM and their Hope Garden Family Center for the 2014 Hearts for Hope “A Future of Hope” Gala. The Gala will take place at the Four Seasons, West Lake Village. This year’s red carpet event will include a silent auction, only the best in entertainment, great food, and company.

Last year’s entertainment included Joy Enriquez, wife of Grammy Award winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Malibu singer-songwriter Kylie Hughes, and was hosted by comedian Robert G. Lee. Thanks to the 2013 honorees, sponsors, and special guests, the event was a success, raising over $400,000 for the Hope Garden Family Center.

The RCW team is honored to be apart of such a great cause and the 2014 Hearts for Hope “A Future of Hope” Gala!

For information on attendance and sponsorship for the 2014 Gala, please contact

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Top 3 PR Stories Trending This Week


It’s important for us PR pros to stay on top of what’s going on in the world and what’s trending. Whether it be causing a PR movement, handling a PR crisis, or maintaining an image online, here are my top 3 finds for this week’s must reads.

1. Starbucks’ new dress code allows tattoos in “cool” pr move

Your favorite coffee spot has released an internal email informing employees about their new dress code policy. Employees will now be able to visibly show off their piercings and tattoos. An employee stated, “being able to show off our tattoos allows us to relate to customers more than we already do”. And a great tactic for Starbucks to portray an even more “hip” vibe. Bravo Starbucks!

2.  4 PR lessons from ‘Gone Girl’

I’ll be sure not to spoil any story lines or ending for you. However, what we can talk about are the great PR lessons learned from the movie. Here are 4 PR tips to keep in mind when handling unwanted media buzz:

  • Prepare for the media
  • Tell your own story
  • Call in the experts
  • Come clean

3. 10 tips for LinkedIn publishing 

In a recent study of top 3,000 performing content, it shows how LinkedIn is quite different than other platforms. Here’s some interesting results from the article:

  • MORE IS BETTER! (say what?)
  • Thursdays is the best performing day
  • Your posts should have 8 images
  • An 11 year old should be able to read it
  • Remove questions from your titles

We hope you enjoyed these PR must reads!


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The Calabasas Chamber of Commerce Welcomes RCW Media Group as a New Member!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.47.27 AM


Announced in the July 31st, 2014 issue of the Acorn, the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce welcomed RCW Media Group as a new member at their monthly Business Luncheon. The day brought together current and new members of the Chamber for meet and greets, raffle drawings and prizes, group activities, and an official ribbon cutting for the new members including our very own RCW Media Group.

Having quite the fashion background, an established network over 2,000 key industry contacts and a knack for business development, Casandra Walker, CEO & Founder, pursued a career Public Relations by opening RCW Media Group in 2009.

RCW Media Group is a boutique PR agency that exposes lifestyle brands to the world. RCW brings clients and their products and services to editors, consumers, and the press. Whether a brand needs a personal publicist, help launching a business, brand or service, or planning special events, RCW Media Group is here to connect brands and audiences to all things “Red Carpet Worthy”.

It’s a honor to be apart of the Chamber! A big thank you to the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce staff and its’ members for such a memorable day!


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Saying No to “No Comment”


In a PR crisis, some may say to give the least information as possible. FALSE. This can be actually more detrimental to a situation than helping. If handled properly, the situation and media attention from it can actually be made into an opportunity.

If you’re keeping quiet about a situation, you don’t have the opportunity to explain what really went on. You open doors for rumors and miscommunications and allow the media to control what you are saying. By addressing the situation head on, you give yourself the opportunity to control what’s said. I also find, that by speaking openly about a situation, you have more of a chance for trust to be gained. As seen in an article from, here are some important things to keep in mind when handling a PR crisis.


1. Move quickly to address the situation. 

The sooner you can address a situation the better. This allows for less time for un wanted media attention and the opportunity to tell the story first hand.

2. Tell how your addressing the problem. 

Don’t hold back. The issue is already out there and it is important to provide detailed action.

3. Most importantly, tell how you are taking action to avoid the problem from happening again. 

Don’t make the same mistake twice. Include in your detailed action how you are planning and preparing to make sure this does not happen again.


When, simply saying “no comment”, there is room for people to believe that you are not taking action to handle the situation or even worse that you’re lying. By providing a prompt and sincere response to the situation at hand, gives you an opportunity to control and correct the situation.


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Tips for Email Pitching


You spend hours crafting that “perfect pitch” email. But did you know there is a 18-19% chance your email will actually be opened? And only 2-3% of those readers will actually perform an action such a clickable link. Us PR pros know that Journalists and Media Contacts receive hundreds if not thousands emails a day. It is important for your email and you to STAND OUT. Here are some are some helpful tips shown in one of RCW’s favorite info-graphic.


  1. Find the right person & address them!
    • Get to know their angel and style
    • Make an hones connection
    • Do your research
    • Don’t brown nose (too much)
  2. Make your email STAND OUT! 
    • Subject line is key
    • Don’t beat around the bush
    • Have heart
    • Don’t repeat yourself
    • Talking to people can be scary
  3. Pitching is a two way street
    • Create a dialogue not a monologue
  4. Journalist prefer to receive pitches by…
    • Email: 89% prefer
    • Phone: 6% prefer
    • Social Media: 5% prefer
  5. The at anomy of a bad pitch 
    • “I wrote a press release”
    • “I think this is a valuable content”
    • Apologies aren’t accepted
    • Misspellings, mistakes, and abbreviations
  6. PR Professionals Say
    • KISS: Keep is Short and Simple
    • PITCH ME


We hope you have a pitch worthy day!



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Is Your Brand Mobile-Friendly?


According to the PewResearch Internet Project, 90% of Americans have a phone and 58% of Americans have a smart phone. With cell phone user %’s higher than ever, it is CRUCIAL for brands to be mobile-friendly in today’s technology competitive landscape. It is important for not only your website to be mobile-friendly but for your brand to be active on social media outlets and provide branded applications to your customers. In this article are 5 easy ways to make your brand mobile-friendly.

1. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. 

According to Google, 75% of customers want mobile-friendly sites. Of that 75%, 96% have has to deal with non-optimized sites. Consumers will visit your site less frequently if not mobile-friendly. Ultimately leading NOT to a sale.

2. Go visual through Instagram. 

Targeting mobile platforms can reach additional customers and increase brand loyalty. A leading example of using mobile platforms to your advantage is Starbucks.

3. Create a branded application. 

According to Techcrunch, 85% of mobile users time is spent on applications. While having a mobile-friendly website is important, having a branded application increases customer engagement.

4. Offer mobile coupons. 

By tying customer coupons and loyalty rewards together, you increase your chance of a customer coming in and using them.

5. Go even more visual through Vine. 

6 seconds of looped videos, and right to the point of your brands message.

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In a New York State of Mind: #NYFW


We are sad to see New York Fashion Week  officially come to a close. This week was packed with great fashion, parties and front row celebrities! Here are some highlights from our favorite shows.

BCBG Mazazria Show


The BCBG show took place on Thursday, September 4th at the Theatre. Looks were bohemian and in pastels. The “it” pale colors included grays, lavenders and light blush. Here’s the best part. If you liked what you saw on the runway, you were able to buy the look right from your seat. By “liking” a photo on instagram customers were sent directly to a link for purchase. Bravo BGBG!


Michael Costello Show 


The man behind Beyonce’s gorgeous Grammy dress and one of personal favorites, Michael Costello presented his Fall 2014 collection on Tuesday, September 9th at the Pavilion. Plunging necklines, high slits and and sheer paneling could be seen down the runway. We absolutely love the white lace! Look forward to what he puts together next season!


Our Pick for the “New York Street Look” 


Chiara Ferragni in Valentino


Front Row Celebs  


Celebs including Beyonce, Paris and Nicole looked on front row during NYFW.


See you all next season! And at #LAFW! And remember, stay Red Carpet Worthy!

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