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One Who Loves Color Will Love This!

Stylist and socialite, Veronica Ebie-Odeka is adding a new title to her resume “Product Developer and Cosmetic Entrepreneur.”  She is creating her own line of nail polish that she intends for it to accessorize the everyday outfit by adding a pop of brilliant, bold color, called VANE Nail Lacquer.

Image from

Image from 

Courtesy of Veronica's Instagram.

Courtesy of Veronica’s Instagram.

Veronica has decided to create this cosmetic to accentuate the color within the styles she assembles for her high-profile clients in Nigeria. She has an extensive history in the Fashion Industry. First, she started modeling for major brands in America and through her experiences learned how to become a stylist. After achieving an impressive profile she decided to take her expertise to her hometown in Nigeria. There she built a niche within the community and has blossomed. Veronica has established herself as a Fashion guru by launching VANE Style, opening VANE style showroom, and building an online following with her fashion informative blog posts on style tips for the everyday woman.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.38.57 AM

This nail lacquer will embody all that she loves from the fashion industry. Color, florals, and chic designs. This summer VANE Nail Lacquer will launch their core 8 colors along with 4 seasonal colors.

VANE Nail Laquer is RCW Media Group’s latest high-profile client.  This is an exciting time for us here in the office as we create brand identity, packaging, and marketing materials in preparation for the launch. For Vane Nail Lacquer, we will assist in building of the product and promotion once it is ready to be sold. Check our social media for the latest news and previews of what to expect. We are excited to help Veronica build this new product from the ground up and make it Red Carpet Worthy!

In a New York State of Mind: #NYFW


We are sad to see New York Fashion Week  officially come to a close. This week was packed with great fashion, parties and front row celebrities! Here are some highlights from our favorite shows.

BCBG Mazazria Show


The BCBG show took place on Thursday, September 4th at the Theatre. Looks were bohemian and in pastels. The “it” pale colors included grays, lavenders and light blush. Here’s the best part. If you liked what you saw on the runway, you were able to buy the look right from your seat. By “liking” a photo on instagram customers were sent directly to a link for purchase. Bravo BGBG!


Michael Costello Show 


The man behind Beyonce’s gorgeous Grammy dress and one of personal favorites, Michael Costello presented his Fall 2014 collection on Tuesday, September 9th at the Pavilion. Plunging necklines, high slits and and sheer paneling could be seen down the runway. We absolutely love the white lace! Look forward to what he puts together next season!


Our Pick for the “New York Street Look” 


Chiara Ferragni in Valentino


Front Row Celebs  


Celebs including Beyonce, Paris and Nicole looked on front row during NYFW.


See you all next season! And at #LAFW! And remember, stay Red Carpet Worthy!

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Falling for Fall


It’s bittersweet as we start putting away those flip flops and bikinis and say hello to Fall. We do have however, have some things to look forward to this Fall. Including Pumpkin flavored everything and one of the most exciting months for fashion! With NYFW kicking off this week, September is a month for us fellow fashionistas to start making a subtle switch from Summer brights to Fall basics. Here are some trends and tips to help you with the switchover.



1. Beat the blues.

Summer can definitely be tough to let go of. As far as fashion goes, make it simple. Start adding hues of blues to create a monotone look this Fall. Pull blue pieces you already have in your closet. Blues go great with nudes and beiges. This goes for your nail polish too!


2. Get cozy.

One of my favorite things about Fall is feeling cozy. I love cuddling up in a blanket with a good book or throwing on some comfy sweatpants. Sometimes though, you do have to leave the house. It’s time to pull out those light weight sweaters and be comfortable while still looking cute.


3. Have some school spirit.

Switching it up from your typical blazer or leather jacket, starter jackets are a huge trend for NYFW this year. Complete the look by throwing your jacket over a simple white t-shirt and blue jeans.


Be sure to follow our blog for more fashion tips this Fall and remember to stay Red Carpet Worthy!

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Guide for a Holiday Weekend in LA


No plans for the Holiday weekend? We put together a must see and do list over the next 72 hours.


1. Take a tour!

Go behind the scenes at a real life studio or walk the promenade. Universal Studios has plenty of shopping and dining to keep you entertained all day! During the evening, enjoy a free concert.


2. Go for a hike.

See Hollywood like you have never seen it before! Runyon Canyon offers breath taking views for hikers and great trails for bikers.


3. SHOP!

Holiday weekends means holiday deals. If you haven’t been over to shop on Rodeo Drive, when’s a better time to go than right now. With shops for everyone, this can be the perfect time for families or friends.


4. See the Stars.

A tourist must see, check out Hollywood’s Walk of Fame this holiday. I suggest stopping at our favorite, star 6774!


5. Dine.  

Known for being a restaurant spot for celebrity sightings, WolfGang Puck has several locations around LA. Any location you visit, will provide you with a great dining experience.


6. Educate yourself. 

Discover masterpieces from artists such as Vincent van Gogh’s at the Getty Center. Make sure you check out their event calendar as they always have daily activities planned.


7. See LA from above. 

What better way to end the summer by overlooking one of the most beautiful beach destinations in California? Take a ride on the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel this weekend. While your there, enjoy a walk on the boardwalk and head up to the promenade for more fun!


No matter what you end up doing this weekend, we wish you a happy and safe Holiday weekend!


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2014 Emmy Highlights


Award Show Season has officially kicked off! Last evening at the 66th Emmy Award Show, downtown LA was packed with talent! Hosted by Seth Meyers, Julianna Margulies won the award for best actress in a drama series and Bryan Cranston, took the award for best lead actor.  Additional Emmy Award winners included hit TV show series Breaking Bad and Modern Family. There was not a dry eye in the NOKIA Theatre with Billy Chrystal’s special tribute to Robin Williams. And we, well, were captured by the fashion.


Emmy Award Show 2014  fashion highlights….


Julia Roberts – Elie Saab Couture


We say…YES!

Changing it up from your typical floor length gown, Julia took a risk with this navy blue dress and it PAID off!

Lena Dunham – Giambattista Valli Couture



We do love Lena’s character on Girls. Ombre, however, should be kept strictly for hair.

Sofia Vergara- Robert Cavalli


Nailed it! 

Always stunning in her go-to silohuette picks. White was even a nice change to her usual bright selections.

Sarah Hyland – Christian Siriano 



Loved seeing the high waisted skirt and crop top trend pulled off on a Red Carpet!

Hayden Panettiere – Lorena Sarby



Who says moms-to-be can’t be sexy? Hayden shows off her curves while keeping it classy with this silver pick.

We can’t wait to share our fashion favorites this Award Show Season! Stayed tuned…

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How to Pitch


Publication and media contacts receive hundreds if not thousands of pitch emails a day. How do you ensure your pitch email was opened and read? And more importantly, was it effective? Here’s what we suggest for writing the perfect email pitch.


1. Be personable!

At RCW, it is important for us to really know our contacts. By knowing our contacts and engaging with them on a regular basis, we know what each individual editor or media contact wants and needs as far as pitches go. Spelling their name wrong is a huge NO NO. Make sure to re-read your email before clicking send.
2. Be short and to the point.

Can you say information overload!? More emails are moved to trash than read daily. Make it easy on your contact and remove the fluff. Save your contact time in trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to say and get straight to the point.
3. Pitch the story, not the product or brand.

Editors are more likely work off an interesting story angel about a product or brand and adding their own spin on it.


RCW Media Group is a full service agency to help with all your pitching needs. Contact us today to schedule your FREE business evaluation and personalized proposal, contact


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A Twist on #TBT


It’s only Wednesday, I know. This is not your usual Throwback Thursday post but more of a Throwback Thursday Wish-list. These are the fashion trends that if I got my way would be long gone by this afternoon and the #TBTs of tomorrow.

There are trends that we can’t seem to get rid of. They may even disappear for a moment but when you least expect it they pop back up on the feet of your co-worker, on the head of a friend, or on the arm of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. At this point we’re use to it- after that first spotting, the trend will inevitably spread like something contagious, leaving you with trend resentment or less commonly known as dissatisfashion.

The trends that truly irk me are not ones that I believe are just not very cute because hey, to each her own right? No, the ones that really get to me are the trends that honestly just do not make any practical sense. Before anyone objects saying fashion does not have to be practical, let me give a few examples.

Jackets Worn As Capes

It has the arm-holes. It’s a brisk day with a cool breeze. You are holding a Starbucks coffee. Yet, your jacket is laying precariously over your shoulders. It is just senseless! Maybe if you had big plans to stand in one place all day long I could wrap my head around it the way some people wrap their jackets over their backs, but that is rarely the case. We move around, we hail cabs, we text on our smartphones, we grab chap stick from our purses. A jacket perched over our shoulder, looking like it could slip off any minute, makes the simplest activity more difficult. Also, while we’re on the subject, I do believe your jacket would look just as cute, if not cuter, if put on properly. So, the real question is, why? Why do people do this? If you would like to wear a cape I recommend buying an actual cape so you can at least tie the drawstring around your neck and go about your day without having to worry about losing your jacket to a small gust of wind.



It’s upsetting because I really do enjoy the beanie look. Being from Laguna Beach, I grew up on the flannel-beanie combo. Then there came the day when we had taken the beanies too far. They used to be worn in cold weather to keep our heads and top of our ears toasty. The exception to this was a really unfortunate hair day when a beanie seemed like the only solution. However, 2013 hit and all the sudden beanies were taking the hat world by a storm. What once was a winter hat had become an all year round’ “I’m sooo laid back” statement. This is when I began to get a little peeved. Anyone wearing a beanie in 80 degree weather has to be seriously overheating and just trying to keep their cool. There is no doubt that underneath the the rolled-up part of the beanie that sits on the top of the forehead, there are beads of sweat uncomfortably causing forehead acne. So, again, the question is why? Why do people do this? Wear a beanie skiing, wear one with a sweatshirt on a comfy outfit day, even wear one to sleep for all I care, but this trend that somehow makes a beanie at Coachella acceptable needs to go.

Gladiator Sandals 

I don’t feel as strongly about this particular trend but I would have to say I’m getting a little tired of it. There was a year or two where anyone who was anyone had multiple pairs of gladiator sandals, then right as we all expected the trend would die out, gladiators put up a valiant fight, sticking around longer than they ever should’ve. The gladiator sandals that really stands out to me as a fashion mystery are the ones that extend in a web-like manner toward the knee. I’ve never owned a pair but all I can imagine is that they pinch in all the wrong places, suffocate your calves, and rub uncomfortable as you walk. I was happy to see those gladiator sandals begin their decline because I was feeling peer-pressured into trying them out and on the brink of giving in. However, just the other day, my friend showed me a new pair she had just purchased! I’m getting anxious just thinking about what this could possibly mean. Let’s stop these shoes in their tracks and make them tomorrow’s #TBT. Please!


Some trends are just not meant to last. Some end because we realize they are actually not very cute, some because they’ve been around for too long, and some because we realize they just don’t make any sense! So, I say lets leave the question of why unanswered and instead make these fashion trends the trends of the past, and the #TBTs of tomorrow.


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Explore LA

It’s FINALLY Friday! Wanted to share our favorite things to do and places to eat and drink for our readers to check out this weekend! Besides what not to do (taking the 405 freeway on a Friday afternoon, or anytime really). So whether you’re in  The Valley, Santa Monica , Hollywood or Downtown, here is what we suggest!

The San Fernando Valley:


NoHo Arts District can offer you a huge variety of choices. There are more than 20 theatres in the NoHo area, so the possibilites are endless.  On Lankershim Blvd, there are plenty of art galleries, be sure to check out the NoHo Gallery LA. There is a wide variety of artists working in various mediums.

Live music and other performances make the area an artist’s paradise.


Pedalers Fork: Farm to table restuarant serving up the freshest food. It offers a coffee bar, bike shop and restaurant. What to order: Forbidden Salad.


Tiki No: Drinks  here are always delicious. Every drink has just the right amount of alcohol.

Santa Monica:


Bike along the Santa Monica Coastline – You can rent a bike and peddle through 26 miles of the Californian Beachfront.


Boutique Shopping in Abbott Kinney. This area is filled with small stores that cover everything from vintage cake stands to curated, designer clothing.


Gjelina:  One of the few places where everything on the menu  taste spectacular. We love their brunch menu, but be sure to shop early to avoid the long wait. Our favourite thing to order is Gruyere Pizza with caramelized Onion. Save room for dessert, their butterscotch pot de creme is a must!


Hotel Erwin – Enjoy your drink while overlooking the Venice beach coastline. The bar in this hotel gets packed so get there early.

Hollywood/Beverly Hills


Griffith Observatory – This is one of LA’s iconic landmarks. Admission to the building and grounds of Griffith Observatory is free of charge. Come here after 8 to enjoy the beautiful nighttime view of Los Angeles.


INK: This Beverly Hill restaurant, owned by Top Chef Michael Voltaggio, serves up a unique blend of dishes.  Our favourite dish is the Egg yolk gnocchi and of course let’s not forget about dessert, be sure to order Apple (apple, caramel, shortbread, burnt wood semifreddo). This dessert is delicious and really cool as the semifreddo is  served in a meringue type dome that you had to crack to eat!


Eveleigh – Hands down one of the prettiest patios in the city. Share a pitcher of their tequila-infused lemonade and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the shade.


Beverly Hills “Trifecta”–  This street is where you will find all the high end fashion brands. Stroll down these streets for some fashion inspiration.




Downtown Architectural Tour – The walking tours of downtown L.A. provides a great view of history, culture and its current renaissance.


Bottega Louie: This place is filled with gourmet goodies, from macarons to freshly baked pasteries. This place is a food ies’ haven. Our favourite thing to order is the portebello mushroom fries, french toast, beignets, lemon ricotta pancakes and definitely purchase some macarons when you head out.


Perch got it all: great french inspired décor, live music, and an amazing view of the city.


We hope to see you this weekend at our favorite spots! Whatever you plan to do this weekend, keep it RED CARPET WORTHY!

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DIY Fashion

Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

Whether it’s because the economy hit you hard, you’re in your 20s and broke, or like me, spend all your shopping money on food- we could all use a money-saver when it comes to fashion. We are in luck. Reconstructed fashion is very in right now. Between the economy and the eco-friendly craze, there are benefits to creating your own unique clothing right out of your home. Best part about it though is when you get that first compliment and you can proudly say, “yeah, I made it!”


Adding A Personal Touch

A few minor alterations can go a long way when it comes to fashion. Lace has been appearing in the fashion world for a while now and as far as I can tell, its here to stay. If you have an old lace t-shirt or are proactive enough to go out a buy some, you can then use it to add a soft edge to your clothing- a boring pair of jeans perhaps?


Make Something Old New Again

Everyone has the jeans that sit in your closet that you constantly choose other pants over. Should I wear these? Nah, I think I’m going to stick with my favorite pair that I wear every time I get the chance. These perfectly good jeans are neglected, and maybe it’s time to let them go. Or better yet, make them into a piece of clothing you choose. Its the easiest timeless Do It Yourself: turning old jeans into daisy duke cut off shorts. Even more, the cut off urban worn-out look is very fashion-forward. Its as easy as cutting in a semi-straight line.


What The Fringe

Coachella has always been a popular music festival but in the past few years its been gaining recognition more than ever. An entire line of fashion is inspired by Coachella looks. One of the biggest of which is fringe. It’s in at Coachella and it’s in every other 362 days of the year. It adds a touch of boho into your look, giving you a free-spirited vibe without taking you too far into bohemian territory where you may feel you don’t fit in. Best part about it? You can turn an oversized shirt into a trendy fringed top easily.

Its funny how much we will pay for something someone professionally cut to shreds. This is a top from Nasty Gal:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.50.44 AM

And this is how you can replicate it easily:







There are ways to salvage old clothes, making them new again. It may seem like a lot of effort but you’d be surprised how fun reconstructed fashion projects can be. Then, once you’re proudly wearing your final product, I promise it’ll all be worth it.


As always, stay Red Carpet Worthy.

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#TBT: Flappers and the Roaring 20s

As trends continues to evolve, we tend to forget about the past. Sometimes these trends pop back up again and become popular, and sometimes we just want to forget those awful fashion mistakes.


In this #TBT post, we will rehash some of the good memories of the 20’s with the recreation of the flapper hairstyle which is starting to trend again. A list celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Ginnifer Goodwin have sported the sophisticated hairdo on the red carpet.


Defined by its distinct wave pattern, the ’20s hairstyle looked stunning on both short and long-haired ladies.


We have found a video by Emma Rees that will teach you all the tip and tricks to recreate this timeless look. All you will need is a clipless curling iron, hair clips, bobby pins, hairspray and a vintage inspired headband.


We at RCW hope that you have a RED CARPET WORTHY day!!

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