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A New Skincare Line for the Most Sensitive Skin

Breaking out from harsh skincare products is what inspired Sarah Bbeauty to make her own all-natural skincare line. Both she and her children suffer from extremely sensitive skin and most products on the market were hurting more than they were helping. As a make-up artist to the stars she knows a thing or two about the importance of nourished skin. Having no luck with the typical products, she decided to develop her own skincare products, starting with body lotions & lip balm.

bio-240x300Sarah began experimenting in her kitchen with the help of her nanny back in October of 2014. Together, they began developing lotions, creams, and lip balms. Each item they created are all natural made with high grade, cold press based oils and scented with organic essential oils, feeding your skin with natures finest ingredients. She combined avocado oils, coco butter, botanicals, and other oils to ensure that her family’s sensitive skin would be healed rather than hindered. For a while she tested many different formulas. Sarah finally perfected the secret recipe to healthy, moisturized skin.

During work she began using her lotions on clients and giving samples to friends and family. The results amazed her client and they began to demand for these lotions which was beyond what Sarah ever imagined. With people near and far falling in love with her sample products, she has decided to mass produce and officially launch her sinecure line.

With friendly encouragement and stable investors, Restoration Skincare was created. Sarah Bbeauty has sought out the help of RCW Media Group to share the products with others who are plagued with sensitive skin and looking for an all-natural, 100% vegan, no fillers or preservatives, skincare line that is safe for all ages.

RCW Media Group is determined to help Restoration Skincare be the best new skincare line sold today. We will be striving to build brand identity and promote the line with its official launch this Summer ’15. Look for product updates and mark your calendars for the upcoming International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.

Guide for a Holiday Weekend in LA


No plans for the Holiday weekend? We put together a must see and do list over the next 72 hours.


1. Take a tour!

Go behind the scenes at a real life studio or walk the promenade. Universal Studios has plenty of shopping and dining to keep you entertained all day! During the evening, enjoy a free concert.


2. Go for a hike.

See Hollywood like you have never seen it before! Runyon Canyon offers breath taking views for hikers and great trails for bikers.


3. SHOP!

Holiday weekends means holiday deals. If you haven’t been over to shop on Rodeo Drive, when’s a better time to go than right now. With shops for everyone, this can be the perfect time for families or friends.


4. See the Stars.

A tourist must see, check out Hollywood’s Walk of Fame this holiday. I suggest stopping at our favorite, star 6774!


5. Dine.  

Known for being a restaurant spot for celebrity sightings, WolfGang Puck has several locations around LA. Any location you visit, will provide you with a great dining experience.


6. Educate yourself. 

Discover masterpieces from artists such as Vincent van Gogh’s at the Getty Center. Make sure you check out their event calendar as they always have daily activities planned.


7. See LA from above. 

What better way to end the summer by overlooking one of the most beautiful beach destinations in California? Take a ride on the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel this weekend. While your there, enjoy a walk on the boardwalk and head up to the promenade for more fun!


No matter what you end up doing this weekend, we wish you a happy and safe Holiday weekend!


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Explore LA

It’s FINALLY Friday! Wanted to share our favorite things to do and places to eat and drink for our readers to check out this weekend! Besides what not to do (taking the 405 freeway on a Friday afternoon, or anytime really). So whether you’re in  The Valley, Santa Monica , Hollywood or Downtown, here is what we suggest!

The San Fernando Valley:


NoHo Arts District can offer you a huge variety of choices. There are more than 20 theatres in the NoHo area, so the possibilites are endless.  On Lankershim Blvd, there are plenty of art galleries, be sure to check out the NoHo Gallery LA. There is a wide variety of artists working in various mediums.

Live music and other performances make the area an artist’s paradise.


Pedalers Fork: Farm to table restuarant serving up the freshest food. It offers a coffee bar, bike shop and restaurant. What to order: Forbidden Salad.


Tiki No: Drinks  here are always delicious. Every drink has just the right amount of alcohol.

Santa Monica:


Bike along the Santa Monica Coastline – You can rent a bike and peddle through 26 miles of the Californian Beachfront.


Boutique Shopping in Abbott Kinney. This area is filled with small stores that cover everything from vintage cake stands to curated, designer clothing.


Gjelina:  One of the few places where everything on the menu  taste spectacular. We love their brunch menu, but be sure to shop early to avoid the long wait. Our favourite thing to order is Gruyere Pizza with caramelized Onion. Save room for dessert, their butterscotch pot de creme is a must!


Hotel Erwin – Enjoy your drink while overlooking the Venice beach coastline. The bar in this hotel gets packed so get there early.

Hollywood/Beverly Hills


Griffith Observatory – This is one of LA’s iconic landmarks. Admission to the building and grounds of Griffith Observatory is free of charge. Come here after 8 to enjoy the beautiful nighttime view of Los Angeles.


INK: This Beverly Hill restaurant, owned by Top Chef Michael Voltaggio, serves up a unique blend of dishes.  Our favourite dish is the Egg yolk gnocchi and of course let’s not forget about dessert, be sure to order Apple (apple, caramel, shortbread, burnt wood semifreddo). This dessert is delicious and really cool as the semifreddo is  served in a meringue type dome that you had to crack to eat!


Eveleigh – Hands down one of the prettiest patios in the city. Share a pitcher of their tequila-infused lemonade and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the shade.


Beverly Hills “Trifecta”–  This street is where you will find all the high end fashion brands. Stroll down these streets for some fashion inspiration.




Downtown Architectural Tour – The walking tours of downtown L.A. provides a great view of history, culture and its current renaissance.


Bottega Louie: This place is filled with gourmet goodies, from macarons to freshly baked pasteries. This place is a food ies’ haven. Our favourite thing to order is the portebello mushroom fries, french toast, beignets, lemon ricotta pancakes and definitely purchase some macarons when you head out.


Perch got it all: great french inspired décor, live music, and an amazing view of the city.


We hope to see you this weekend at our favorite spots! Whatever you plan to do this weekend, keep it RED CARPET WORTHY!

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DIY Fashion

Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

Whether it’s because the economy hit you hard, you’re in your 20s and broke, or like me, spend all your shopping money on food- we could all use a money-saver when it comes to fashion. We are in luck. Reconstructed fashion is very in right now. Between the economy and the eco-friendly craze, there are benefits to creating your own unique clothing right out of your home. Best part about it though is when you get that first compliment and you can proudly say, “yeah, I made it!”


Adding A Personal Touch

A few minor alterations can go a long way when it comes to fashion. Lace has been appearing in the fashion world for a while now and as far as I can tell, its here to stay. If you have an old lace t-shirt or are proactive enough to go out a buy some, you can then use it to add a soft edge to your clothing- a boring pair of jeans perhaps?


Make Something Old New Again

Everyone has the jeans that sit in your closet that you constantly choose other pants over. Should I wear these? Nah, I think I’m going to stick with my favorite pair that I wear every time I get the chance. These perfectly good jeans are neglected, and maybe it’s time to let them go. Or better yet, make them into a piece of clothing you choose. Its the easiest timeless Do It Yourself: turning old jeans into daisy duke cut off shorts. Even more, the cut off urban worn-out look is very fashion-forward. Its as easy as cutting in a semi-straight line.


What The Fringe

Coachella has always been a popular music festival but in the past few years its been gaining recognition more than ever. An entire line of fashion is inspired by Coachella looks. One of the biggest of which is fringe. It’s in at Coachella and it’s in every other 362 days of the year. It adds a touch of boho into your look, giving you a free-spirited vibe without taking you too far into bohemian territory where you may feel you don’t fit in. Best part about it? You can turn an oversized shirt into a trendy fringed top easily.

Its funny how much we will pay for something someone professionally cut to shreds. This is a top from Nasty Gal:

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.50.44 AM

And this is how you can replicate it easily:







There are ways to salvage old clothes, making them new again. It may seem like a lot of effort but you’d be surprised how fun reconstructed fashion projects can be. Then, once you’re proudly wearing your final product, I promise it’ll all be worth it.


As always, stay Red Carpet Worthy.

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Summerproofing Your Makeup

We love the sun and the warm weather — but melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick makes wearing makeup during this season a pain. But worry no more, here are some tips to look flawless even on those hot summer days!

Use Primer

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 20 With Dermaxyl™ Complex Photo: Sephora



To prevent your makeup from melting straight off your face, use a primer before applying your make-up. Primer helps makeup stay put longer by smoothing the surface of the skin and, sometimes, gripping onto your makeup so it stays put. We suggest using a primer with SPF to protect your skin from the UV. We recommend Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.




Use Silicon Foundation 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Photo: Neiman Marcus


If you want to get the full coverage without the worry of it melting off, we suggest you to use a lightweight silicone-based formula. The silicon acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from melting off your face. We recommend Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.






Look to liquid

Although the application of liquid liner may take practice, a good formula eyeliner won’t budge or smudge in the heat like a kohl pencil can. Here is a youtube video by Michelle Phan that will give you some tips and tricks on the application.


Waterproof your Mascara



Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer in the summer. It can withstand the office, the gym, the pool, and the bar without smudging. But there are some people that find waterproof mascara irritating, so we suggest to sweep a clear mascara over my one  to seal the color. It will prevent your non-waterproof mascara from smearing.





Tint your lips

Lipgloss does looks amazing in the summer, but you always run the risk of it getting runny and sticky. To summer proof this look, we suggest you to use a tinted lip balm with a high wax content to give your lips a pop of colour! A high wax content prevents it from melting






Shine-proof your face.

Guerlain Meteorites Photo: Sephora


To reduce shine and set your makeup, take a large fluffy brush and dust a translucent loose powder across your T-zone. But don’t overdo it with the powdering, you may risk cakey build up. We love the scented loose pearles by Guerlain. Guerlain’s Meteorites uses beads that provide different skin-perfecting benefit, depending on which color you use. From blushing pink hues that warm up a sallow complexion, to soothing green tones that cool down redness, these correcting powder pearls will lift the dull veil right off of your face in just one stroke.

If in spite of your best efforts, oil and sweat still seep through your flawless finish, always have a pack of blotting papers tucked away in your purse. We suggest using  Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper. These papers does contains a touch of powder, while Sephora and Boscia versions come powder-free. Whichever you chose, we suggest you to keep oil blotting sheets with you, just dab over your face and they will soak up the excess oil without messing up your makeup.


So whatever the weather is, we hope that these tips will keep your makeup RED CARPET WORTHY!!

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Motivational Monday: Love What You Do

With the weekend coming to a close, Monday mornings can be pretty tough. The coffee machine just never seems to brew the coffee fast enough! So what helps you get through a Monday?

We at RCW wake up ready to conquer the Monday. Why? It’s because we truly love what we do. We get satisfaction creating public relations campaigns and strategies to help our clients’ achieve their visions. WE believe in their brands and also what we do. It’s hard not to not get excited about coming back to work on a Monday!

As Steve Jobs said, “your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Loving what we do is our Monday morning motivation. Are you doing what you love or do you love what you do? Check out this blog post from thought catalog.

As always, we hope at RCW hope you have a RED CARPET WORTHY MONDAY!

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In fashion, #TBT (throwback Thursdays) could also be more accurately described as #CBT (come back Thursdays), at least in some cases. Fashion is often cyclic so what once was long out of style may be the “new” craze. Then again there are some fashion trends that haven’t resurfaced yet… and some we hope never will!

Here’s a trend we all know and once loved, and the answer to the pressing question: Where are they now? (Where is it now?)

Juicy Couture Track Suits #keepinitJuicy #TBT

From middle schoolers to celebrities to mothers- Juicy sweat suits swept through the fashion world. They went into style almost as fast as they went out.


A new advertisement released by Juicy Couture may be a precursor to the revival of this popular 90s trend. Who knows, maybe its time to take that velour tracksuit out of the closet in order to reserve trend-setter bragging rights later.


High-Waisted Jeans #TBT #CBT

Up until recently we associated high-waisted jeans exclusively with our mothers atrocious outfit choices in the 80s.


However, this year high-waisted jeans were deemed “the biggest trend of spring” by Susan Kellog, the VF president of 7 for All Mankind, Splendid, and Ella Moss. Suddenly, high-waisted jeans could be found in all the top denim shops, and were worn by women of all ages. Kellogg explains this in saying, “It hits the millennials because it’s cool and new and it hits the little bit older customer who just needs more coverage.”

Who’s laughing now? -Your mother

Men’s REALLY Low Hanging Pants #TBT

Cher, the snarky fashionista from the 90s hit movie Clueless explains this style perfectly. “..It looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and took their greasy hair -ew- and covered it up with a backwards cap and like, we’re expected to swoon? I don’t think so.”


Lucky for us, sometime between the 90s and now men decided they wanted to look showered so they replaced their low-riding pants with slim-fitted khakis, corduroys, or blue-jeans. I think I speak for women everywhere when I sincerely hope the baggy-pants and over-sharing of boxers trend does not find its way back anytime soon.

Trends in fashion are ever-changing. They evolve, they disappear, and sometimes they re-emerge. Vintage fashion encompasses years of trends and styles. There are constantly a lot of vintage looks that are coming back into style.

 Stores that specialize in vintage clothing:

Doubletake Recycled Luxury:

They sell vintage designer clothing dating back to the 70s.


Neil Bieff 80s Sequin 2 piece

Feathers Boutique:



As always, stay Red Carpet Worthy!

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KidZone’s Anniversary Celebration was a SUCCESS!


RCW Media Group hosted kidZone’s Anniversary Celebration this past Sunday. The event was a BIG HIT! We celebrated this monumental day with more than 100 happy guests and fans were thrilled with the celebrity appearances! It was a fun packed day filled with snacks & goodies, entertainment & we all got to Laugh, Learn & Play.


Marissa Winokur (an actress from Hairspray), Jacob Hopkins (Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball) and Cherise Bangs (from iCarly) were a part of our celebration. Jacob Hopkins signed autographs for his many fans while the celebrity mommies took photos with the guests and enjoyed playing with their children at the kidZone facility.


During the celebration, Mac-o-licious offered their signature mac and cheese to the guests. It was DELICIOUS! Arrowhead provided iced cold water to the guests. The kiddos enjoyed face painting, snow cones and DJ Adam’s music which kept the kids dancing and singing!


Mommies & daddies left the event with the latest issue of L.A. Parent, provided by our media partner. Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop donated goodie bags filled with sweets and were given to all the kiddies who came out to celebrate. Club MomMe was nice enough to provide our celebrity guests with a little extra something!

We want to thank our client, kidZone for having us be a part of their Anniversary Celebration, our amazing sponsors for the successfulness of this event, the celebrities who came out and our fabulous RCW Team for all of their hard work that went into planning and executing such a great event!


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Meet the “Dream Team” Macaul & Tiffany! #weloveourinterns


Brought to us from the “Dream Careers” Program, Macaul Hodge and Tiffany Fong  will be joining RCW this summer. Here’s a little about the “dream team” interns!

Macaul just finished her first year at the University of Southern California where she studies public relations as a major and minors in International Relations. Macaul has a passion for writing which is why this year she became a news writer for USC’s daily newspaper. Macaul also loves to socialize which is why PR is the perfect field for her! In her spare time Macaul enjoys shameless celebrity gossip, watching too much netflix, and spending quality time with her family and friends. Her other hobbies include baking and photography. She’s excited for an awesome summer interning for RCW Media Group!

Hailing from the Great White North “Canada”, Tiffany is a new addition to the RCW team. She is currently a marketing and social media intern. Tiffany is a senior studying both  honors biochemistry and honors economics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her extra-curricular activities include participating in business consulting conferences such as DECA, organizing fashion shows for charitable events and volunteering at her college mental health support group. On her spare time, Tiffany loves to browse through social media sites and blogs, watch Youtube videos with a cup of hot chocolate and occasionally watch the daily news. Tiffany’s experience includes being a communication intern in Tokyo with Manulife Japan, a subdivision of a major Canadian insurance firm-Manulife. It was during her internship where she discovered her passion social media marketing. She is excited to share her experiences and is looking forward to an incredible summer interning at RCW.

A special thanks to the Dream Careers Program. We are so excited to have Macaul & Tiffany this summer!


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Welcome kidZone

RCW Media Group would like to welcome our new client, kidZone in West Hills!

IMG_4813 copy

KidZone is an indoor recreational center for children 12 and under. Founder, Alex Wolfe, is an inspiration to small business owners & working mothers. She is currently a member of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, Club MomMe, and sponsors many charitable events within the community. As a mother of two myself, I appreciate all the community involvement Alex is doing and the take your child to work flexibility she has secured for her mommy & business lifestyle.

KidZone is the perfect private event space for birthday parties, parent classes, day camps, after school programs, baby showers and fundraisers for kids 12 & under. Amenities include parent lounge, business work-space, full kitchen, two restrooms, approx. 3,000 sq. ft. gym space, snack room, and plenty of kid “zones” to LAUGH, LEARN and PLAY in a safe environment.

RCW is very excited to partner with kidZone to celebrate their one year anniversary, plus launch new events and classes this summer. Cosmic Night, Parents Night Out and Day Camp are just a few of the new activities we have added to their menu.

To book your gym tour or speak with a party planner, call us today!

Special promo for RCW friends, use promo code #RCWS14 when booking.



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